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Denver Mandates Energy Efficiency for Buildings

ICC code adoption to increase green performance, safety


ICC code adoption to increase green performance, safety.

Denver skyline

Denver is aiming to increase building performance, with the city council adopting a new building code based on the 2015 International Code Council codes for safety and energy efficiency.

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and International Existing Building Code (IEBC) have both been integrated into Denver’s new rules and are expected to improve performance of new building projects and retrofits. Adoption of the IEBC will help streamline the renovation process as well as cut improvement costs, while use of the IECC will help new facilities in the city have an estimated 25% more efficiency than older buildings.

Additionally, the codes have been customized for the city’s specific needs with solutions developed during a public process conducted by city officials considering proposals and comments from industry officials and stakeholders. FMs and other building professionals will have a 6-month period until September 12, 2016 when permits can be applied for under either the new code or the previous 2011 Denver Building Code. Projects applying for building permits after September 12 will be required to follow the new rules.