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Cybersecurity for IoT-Connected Products

Program tests products and systems to eliminate vulnerabilities


Program tests products and systems to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Hacker using a computer

A new program has been created to verify the cybersecurity resilience of network-connected devices and systems that can identify security weak points, address known issues and reduce the chances of data breaches. The Cybersecurity Assurance Program (UL CAP) was developed by UL, a safety organization, and will work to mitigate the risk of data breaches through the use of testing and risk assessments.

The program uses the newly created UL 2900 standards as the basis for cybersecurity assessment and is open source to simplify interactions between systems, strategies, and products. UL expects the UL CAP program to be especially helpful for professionals tasked with ensuring the cybersecurity of critical operations such as energy and healthcare. Products and system that meet the new guidelines will be certified as “UL 2900 Compliant”.

Looking to shore up your organization’s cybersecurity? Make sure you’re communicating the importance of safe practices to your occupants!