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7 Green Landscaping Tips

Practical strategies to manage your grounds


Practical strategies to manage your grounds.


As summer heats up, mowing, watering and fertilizing become more and more important to keep your lawn looking lush. But all that work is often wasteful when it comes to resources – not to mention the hours of labor that could be saved.

BOMA International offers these seven tips to create an environmentally friendly landscape that requires less water and work to maintain.

1) Plant trees. Adding more trees to your property delivers multiple benefits, including providing shade for outdoor seating areas and improving your property’s visual appeal. Strategic tree placement also helps shield lower floors from direct sunlight, which lowers your heating and cooling costs all year.

2) Pick regionally adapted plants. Choose plant species that work well with your local climate and ecosystem. Plants that are already adapted to your area need less work and water to stay healthy and vibrant.

3) Compost waste. If you don’t have a composter on site, consider reaching out to a professional composting service that can help turn your occupants’ food waste and paper trash into compost that helps your lawn stay green while diverting some of your waste from the landfill.

4) Use less water. A majority of the water used in most commercial properties is for landscaping. Check for leaks in the irrigation system to make sure you’re not losing extra water and consider cutting back your watering schedule by just one day a week.

5) Upgrade irrigation equipment. Drip irrigation or greywater recycling can help reduce the amount of fresh potable water needed to accomplish the same irrigation level and may even pay for themselves in the long run.

6) Bring your landscape indoors. Adding indoor plants can improve air quality, complement the interior design, and boost employee morale.

7) Bring the office outside. Host a tenant appreciation event outside to showcase the facilities team’s hard work and enjoy the sunshine.