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How Convention Centers Prepare

DAS Systems are helping FMs prepare Wi-Fi for large crowds


DAS Systems are helping FMs prepare for large crowds.

The ability to communicate through technology at convention centers has become an imperative part of business. People expect to be able to use building Wi-Fi to send videos, share pictures, and use apps instantly. Preparing for 50,000 attendees to use their devices simultaneously is no easy task. In Cleveland, workers behind the Republican National Convention used these measures to prepare.

DAS Systems

It’s important for FMs to gather an accurate assessment of how many people are estimated to be at a conference or convention. Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena worked with AT&T and Verizon to increase their wireless capacity, as they expected between 10,000 and 15,000 devices to be using the public Wi-Fi network during the convention. The networks use distributed antenna systems (DAS) to increase wireless coverage areas in an effort to support as many carriers and connections as possible. For confined areas, macro towers do not have the ability to support a large number of people. Inputting DAS technologies before a large conference or convention will make sure your buildings are able to serve thousands of people trying to use the internet at once.