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The Carpet Mentor Tool from Antron® Fiber Simplifies Carpet Selection


Choosing commercial carpet is complicated. The Carpet Mentor interactive tool from Antron® makes it easier. Just answer a few questions to get customized suggestions. The Carpet Mentor considers facility type, traffic volume, exposure to sun, heat, contaminants, moisture and other factors affecting carpet appearance and longevity.  Spec carpet to last with The Carpet Mentor.

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Innovations in carpet fiber and carpet construction have created a wide range of options for buyers of commercial carpet. When installing new carpet, you can now custom tailor your selection to the unique needs of your space.

But the myriad of options can make the buying process difficult to navigate. At the Antron® brand, we are making the process easier with a web-based tool called The Carpet Mentor. Simply input information on your space, and The Carpet Mentor will output carpet construction recommendations based on the specific needs of your application.

To get started, head to The Carpet Mentor. You will be guided through a series of prompts ranging from facility type to the kinds of punishment to which the carpet will be subjected.

Step 1: Facility

  • Are you tracking in icy slush or red clay? Educating students or hosting corporate meetings? Industry, geography and the location of the installation within the building are all important factors to consider when choosing a carpet that will hold up to the daily grind. Input details on your facility, including the type of industry (i.e. corporate, healthcare, education), geographical region and the location of the installation (i.e. lobby, corridor, conference room).

Step 2: Punishment

  • Foot traffic level, types of soiling, presence of moisture, and exposure to atmospheric contaminants and sunlight all play an integral role in how a carpet looks over time. Choose from the drop down options that best describe the wear and tear that your carpet will be subjected to.

Get Recommendations

Based on the information you provided, The Carpet Mentor will calculate customized recommendations for the following carpet characteristics: 

  • Color & Pattern
    • When it comes to staining and soiling, some carpet colors and patterns are more forgiving than others. The Carpet Mentor will recommend light, medium, or dark colored carpet and one of more pattern styles – random, geometric, linear, tweed/heather or solid/tonal.
  • Soil Resistance
    • Staining and soiling are inevitable, but certain fibers better hide and release soil and resist stains, making the carpet easier to clean. The Carpet Mentor will recommend an Antron® nylon suited to handle your spills and soiling.
  • Texture Retention
    • The pile texture and density of a carpet greatly affects its ability to stand up to unsightly matting and crushing from foot traffic. And the level of foot traffic in say, a busy lobby, varies greatly from the foot traffic in a personal office. The Carpet Mentor provides a recommended pile texture and density to withstand the foot traffic of your installation. 

Ready to spec it to last? Head to The Carpet Mentor to receive your customized commercial carpet recommendation. Find The Carpet Mentor here.