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Kroger Turns Waste into Energy

Anaerobic treatment creates biogas from food byproducts


Anaerobic treatment creates biogas from food byproducts.

A new anaerobic wastewater treatment system will soon turn food byproducts into energy at K.B. Specialty Foods’ Greensburg, IN facility.

The company produces deli salads, cake icing and refrigerated side dishes and is affiliated with the Kroger Company, which operates nearly 3,000 retail food stores. Its current wastewater treatment system is open to the air, but the new one will feature a dome that captures biogas from microorganisms transforming food production products. The collected biogas is harnessed to generate electricity, which is then sent to the plant’s electrical grid.

The plant will also improve air quality in the area, the Kroger Company notes. The organization expects the new system to be operational by summer 2017 and aims to become a zero waste company by 2020.