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DOE’s Energy Management Awardees Show Green Light For Sustainability

Take a page out of these award winner's books as they blaze the way for energy efficiency


Take a page out of these award winner's books as they blaze the way for energy efficiency. 

The U.S. Department of Energy recognized 27 winners across the federal government this week with the 2017 Federal Energy and Water Management Awards. These annual awards are presented to recognize outstanding achievements in energy and water efficiency, renewable energy, and fleet management from within the federal government, honoring federal employees for their efforts to cut energy waste and advance America’s progress toward energy independence, resiliency, and security, while advancing their agencies’ mission-related goals.

The specific energy and water initiatives the winners represented include the following:

  • Consolidating existing thermal infrastructure with energy-saving variable-frequency drive chillers, condensing boilers and a heat-recovery chiller.
  • Installing a comprehensive building automation system (BAS) to connect all of the buildings on a campus.
  • Installing a state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic (PV) power system.
  • Transitioning from coal power to grid electricity and fuel oil heat.
  • Completing a xeriscaping project that converted three acres of turf to drought-resistant landscaping and a passively irrigated field.
  • Improving data center power usage effectiveness by 33% by reconfiguring servers and power distribution units, and installing a new hot-aisle containment system, lighting, and computer room air conditioners.

According to DOE, many of the winners utilized performance contracts, which allow agencies to make facility improvements with no added cost to the taxpayer and are critical to achieving America’s energy savings goals. Four additional winners were recognized specifically for their innovative efforts to overcome barriers and implement advanced solutions toward awarding performance contracts, and one team is being recognized for a project that led to significant improvements in a data center’s energy and operational efficiency.

For a complete profile of this year’s winners and to find out more about their specific energy- and water-saving initiatives, visit the FEMP Web site.