SmartBio Sensor by Smiths Detection

06/01/2010 |

SmartBio Sensor by Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection launched the latest version of its portable bio-threat detector – the SmartBio Sensor. With increased sensitivity and enhanced software, the system detects the presence of airborne biological microbes and bio-toxins, providing active monitoring and classification to protect against biological threats.


The battery-powered SmartBio Sensor is portable and ruggedized, enabling it to be used to proactively protect public venues in various applications including perimeter monitoring for indoor and outdoor events, as well as in a range of military environments.


The advanced system continuously samples the air, trapping bio-aerosol particles on a sensor surface. The onboard computer is then able to detect and classify the bio-materials, triggering an alarm if a potential threat is discovered. Bio-agents are retained for confirmatory analysis and archiving.


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