Aperture Integrated Resource Manager by Emerson Network Power

06/07/2010 |

Emerson Network Power’s Aperture Integrated Resource Manager is the industry’s first data center performance optimization solution for extending the life of existing infrastructure resources and improving overall efficiency in the data center.


Aperture Integrated Resource Manager can deliver cost savings in the millions of dollars by enabling organizations to delay new data center builds, increase rack densities, better utilize existing resources, and improve staff efficiency.


Aperture Integrated Resource Manager’s advanced management and analysis tools enable organizations to:


  • Aggregate real-time data from dozens of infrastructure monitoring and building management systems into a single presentation.
  • Delay data center builds by fitting more equipment into existing racks and safely deploying higher rack densities to take advantage of energy savings associated with high-density architectures.
  • Set the algorithms for analyzing and applying monitored data into business intelligence for use in data center planning and meeting service levels in their organization.
  • Utilize power and cooling resources closer to their full capacities without threatening availability, fully leveraging existing assets and delaying capital expenditures.
  • Significantly reduce the manual effort of collecting, aggregating and reporting real time data from disparate systems, improving staff efficiency, saving time and money.


For more information, visit www.aperture.com.

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