High Volume Low Speed Fan Series by Kelley

06/21/2010 |

High Volume Low Speed Fan Series by Kelley

These fans use the laws of physics to move a large column of air slowly, which creates a horizontal floor jet that consistently circulates air in large spaces. However, the slow movement of the fans does not kick up dust and debris or disturb workers, yet effectively circulates the air to increase air quality and worker productivity. They also assist in exhausting air and preventing moisture build up.

The gentle breeze created by the fans allows facilities to raise thermostats in the summer months without sacrificing worker comfort, which saves money on air conditioning bills, and can be reversed in the winter to circulate the hot air trapped at ceiling level. Heating and HVAC systems don't need to run as often, providing a facility with year-round energy savings. These fans also contribute to LEED Certification.

The Fusion™ series fan comes in a variety of sizes and motor horsepower and the Fusion™-PV is 100% solar model for sustainable and energy efficiency. The Orbit™ series fan provides the benefits of HVLS fans in spaces where ceiling height or other obstructions may be an issue.

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