WrapShield SA Self-Adhered by VaproShield

06/28/2010 |

VaproShield’s WrapShield SA Self-Adhered is the highest vapor permeable (50 perms) membrane and an air barrier – all in one innovative, affordable self-adhering product. It fully bonds to almost any substrate for air tightness and ease of installation, requires no primer, saves thousands of dollars on labor, and eliminates environmental, health, and safety concerns of primer application. Additionally, the membrane contributes to LEED points for Indoor Environmental Air Quality and Energy & Atmosphere. 


All VaproShield membranes allow a building to “breathe.” Breather membranes allow vapor to permeate the material while protecting the building from damaging moisture by allowing vapor to escape, reducing condensation and allowing the structure to dry during and after construction.


For more information, visit www.vaproshield.com.

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