Waterless urinals by Acorn Engineering

06/28/2010 |

Acorn Engineering Company features a stainless steel waterless urinal made from 80-percent recycled content, operating without the need for chemical cartridges. With its clean, utilitarian form and strength, Acorn Engineering’s hand-welded and sustainable waterless urinal will outlast other fixtures and reduce impact on water resources, landfills, and a building’s budget.


By utilizing a well-known technology that doesn’t require messy and expensive liquid replacement cartridges, landfill waste is minimal, and the unit can be cleaned regularly without voiding its effectiveness. Plus, stainless steel is a sterile material, significantly reducing the bacterial build-up. This system earns LEED points toward water savings that, combined with other products built with respect to conservation, work toward achieving LEED certification.


For more information, visit www.acorneng.com.

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