The 2002 'A' List: Cushman & Wakefield Inc.

09/05/2002 |

Who's Who in the Buildings Market

Cushman & Wakefield Inc.
New York, NY
(212) 841-7500

Cushman & Wakefield Inc. (C&W) offers integrated solutions to complex real estate needs, providing clients with innovative advice and bottom-line results, from strategic planning, portfolio analysis, site selection, and space location to buying, financing, selling, leasing, managing, and valuing property. Its success is based on a worldwide reputation of client commitment, talent, knowledge, global reach, advice, innovation, creativity, intellectual capital, and speed of execution (while embracing technology and e-commerce in a strategic sense) - particularly through customized service and results that allow clients to achieve their specific short-term and long-term objectives. Serving the evolving real estate needs of business since 1917, today C&W operates from 149 offices in 50 countries. According to company info from the New York office, 5,800 professionals are involved full-time in facilities and responsible for 2,800 office buildings, totaling 194 million square feet; 1,200 retail centers, totaling 46 million square feet; 500 other commercial buildings, totaling 30.3 million square feet; and 800 industrial buildings, totaling 37 million square feet. At press time, the company had just been selected to manage Sun Microsystem's national portfolio of office and industrial properties - approximately 220 properties - effective October 1.
[Editors' Note: Cushman & Wakefield's continuing commitment to emerging technology and traditional client service - in fact, an ever-evolving philosophy that addresses market conditions responsibly - has been instrumental in C&W maintaining its solid success rate in this economic downturn. C&W is also the ultimate communicator with its clients, a corporate culture that remains solid and sought after.]

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