The 2002 'A' List: General Motors Corporation

09/05/2002 |

Who's Who in the Buildings Market

General Motors Corporation
Detroit, MI
(313) 556-5000

Detroit's Renaissance Center now thrives as General Motors Corp.'s (GM's) global headquarters, part of an effort to consolidate 15 facilities into five campuses in southeast Michigan. Facilities operations are as much in pace with advancements in technology as the products of GM's core business, with a particular emphasis on green. Excluding its Financing and Insurance Operations, GM - ranked for two consecutive years as No. 3 on the Fortune 100 - has 294 locations operating in 36 states and 148 cities in the United States. Of these, 22 are engaged in the final assembly of GM cars and trucks; 39 are service parts operations responsible for distribution or warehousing; 10 are major plants, offices, and research facilities related to the operations of Hughes Electronics Corp.; and the remainder are offices or involved primarily in the testing of vehicles or the manufacturing of automotive components and power products. Additionally, GM has 20 locations in Canada, and operations in 51 other countries. Most facilities are owned; leased properties consist primarily of warehouses and administration, engineering, and sales offices.
[Editors' Note: Consolidation of scattered facilities and redevelopment of brownfield sites - a commitment of "giving back" to the communities that have supported the company - are an admirable focus for the real estate objectives of one of the world's largest vehicle manufacturers. A possible move to increase the amount of leased space in the future should be an interesting strategy for GM, which is estimated to have a portfolio of about 300 million square feet of space.]

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