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09/01/2010 | By Chris Olson

Making More with Less

Chris Olson

Chris Olson - Chief Content Director

This time around, things may not be quite so thin for us as they were for Spencer Tracy during the Great Depression.

Nevertheless, BUILDINGS subscribers have been telling the editorial staff for some years now that the challenges of the economy require them to do more with less. Our reader research continually shows that budgets and resources are the single most widespread concern that you have.

Such necessity mothers invention. This issue’s 31 Expense-Slashing Solutions article on page 44 contains great ideas supplied by readers who found ways to round a tight corner without hitting the curb.

What are YOU doing to make more with less? Let me know at chris.olson@buildings.com.

Time to Ring in 2011
While you may have been preoccupied trying to avoid the summer’s waning days of unwarrantable heat, the BUILDINGS editorial staff has been coolly evaluating topics for the 2011 editorial calendar.

The calendar lists feature and department topics for each monthly issue of the magazine as well as topics for our weekly newsletter, @ the Moment, and our four monthly e-newsletters – Greener Facilities, Energy News, Security News and Roofing News. While the calendar calls out key articles, keep in mind that every issue of the magazine and the newsletters has additional, timely articles that are not spelled out in the calendar.

You can view the 2011 calendar at http://mediakit.buildings.com. I welcome your input and ideas for calendar topics. Also, let me know about additional subjects that would provide you with profitable information.

You can subscribe to any of our e-newsletters at www.BUILDINGS.com.

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