Solar thermal systems by Lochinvar Corporation and TiSUN

09/20/2010 |

Lochinvar Corporation and TiSUN have joined forces to bring new solar thermal systems to the commercial market in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The Lochinvar/TiSUN product offering includes solar thermal panels specifically engineered and designed for commercial use, solar thermal storage tanks, pumping stations used to control and move the solar energy throughout the system, and an array of system accessories.


The Lochinvar/TiSUN solar thermal system line includes two options for solar thermal panels: the a high-efficiency Commercial Solar Flat Panel Collector (SCH models) – featuring PVD coating, a laser-welded absorber and a serpentine heat coil design – and the Light Duty Commercial Solar Collector – featuring a serpentine heat transfer system and a laser-welded absorber with PVD coating, these collectors are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.


The Lochinvar/TiSUN Commercial Solar Pump Station is an all-in-one solar pumping package, complete with a Differential Solar Control that offers eight different system capabilities and Btu metering. Available in three sizes, the pump station is designed to provide adequate flow through up to 1,000 square feet of collector area. The unit features a variable speed pump, flow meter, air separator, flush and fill valves, safety group and EPP two-piece installation.


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