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Recycled Wood Planks by Staybull Flooring

Staybull Flooring offers over 20 species of domestic and exotic hardwoods recycled from mills. Typical flooring production incorporates just over half of useable wood, while the other half is needlessly wasted. Staybull turns this discard lumber into edge-glued, wide-plank flooring that is VOC-free and can contribute to LEED certification. With a high abrasion-resistant finish, this recycled flooring is suited for modern, contemporary, and transitional interiors.
Recycled Wood Planks by Staybull Flooring. • (888) 525-5966
Au Natural Rubber flooring by All State Rubber

Au Natural Rubber tile is manufactured with rubber tapped from plantation-grown rubber trees. This eco-friendly alternative to vinyl eliminates the use of petroleum. The line offers 80 standard colors, 30 textures, solid color smooth tiles, confetti or marble tiles, and gym tiles. It is slip-resistant, supple, hygienic, and provides insulation and sound absorption.
Au Natural Rubber flooring by All State Rubber. • (718) 526-7890
Hycrete System V by Hycrete Inc

Hycrete System V concrete admixture technology limits moisture vapor transmission and reduces water absorption in concrete. Hycrete W1000 transforms into a water-insoluble polymer when mixed into concrete, which reduces moisture vapor transmission, water absorption, and re-wetting. The system is administered by a field service team, requires the use of a vapor barrier, and comes with a performance warranty.
Hycrete System V by Hycrete Inc. • (201) 386-8110
Fashionista carpet collection by Shaw Hospitality Group

Fashionista carpet is a fashion-forward collection that plays with layers of popular patterns and colors, accenting warm neutrals with cool neons. Multiple pattern options allow for flexibility with borders, medallions, print fields, and color. Print patterns are available on Eco Evolution, which is 100% recyclable into virgin quality ingredients and can be repeatedly made into new carpet fiber without degrading design or performance capabilities.
Fashionista carpet collection by Shaw Hospitality Group. • (888) 448-7878
Pro Hybrid Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner by Brush and Clean

Available in two models, the Pro Hybrid 25 and 45 carpet and hard floor cleaners use counter-rotating brushes to dry clean surfaces with biodegradable, phosphate-free compounds. Both models can tackle profiled floors, PVC, tile, grout, natural stone, rubber, non-slip safety floors, and carpet. The Pro Hybrd uses NoVac Technology and is ideal for offices, hospitals, hotels, and schools.
Pro Hybrid Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner by Brush and Clean. • (954) 636-3954
RAW area rugs by Union Eighteen

Union Eighteen compiles castoff carpet material and repurposes it, crafting strips into one-of-a-kind, handmade area rugs. Each piece is gathered, grouped, and assembled by hand, pulled from the thousands of pounds of waste left behind as part of the manufacturing process. Since carpet scraps are typically down-cycled into carpet padding or deposited into landfills, RAW rugs help stop a destructive cycle. All RAW rugs are customizable – clients can choose size, shape, color, and texture.
RAW area rugs by Union Eighteen. •

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Access Control
Access 700 PIP1 by Corbin Russwin

The Access 700 PIP1 series of Intelligent Power over Ethernet (PoE) intelligent lockset integrates all components – ANSI Grade 1 quality lock or exit device, card reader, door position switch, and Request-to-Exit sensor – into one device. Using magstripe and PIN code technologies, it incorporates into standard network cabling and communicates via Ethernet to provide comprehensive access control. With its on-board memory, the Access 700 supports 2,400 users per lock and provides an audit trail of the last 10,000 events.
Access 700 PIP1 by Corbin Russwin. • (800) 438-1951

Alarm Controller
Select-Alert mini controller by STI

The STI Select-Alert mini controller is a multipurpose strobe and alarm with 32 distinct tones choices. Select-Alert (STI-SA5000) can be used as a cabinet alarm, door/exit alarm, flashing light, tornado siren, burglar alarm, or as an alert for emergency situations. Timing choices are 15, 30, or 60 seconds or continuous with either a 100 or 85 dB alarm. It is available in 5 colors, constructed of polycarbonate, and powered by a 9 volt battery or external 12-30 volt DC supply.
Select-Alert mini controller by STI. • (800) 888-4784

Enershield air and water-resistance barriers by BASF Wall Systems

The Enershield line of coatings and associated membranes offer high performance at low film thickness. Elastomeric polymers provide a balance of strength, resilience, abrasion-resistance, water-resistance, and controlled water vapor permeability. Enershield products also serve as an air barrier material for all wall assemblies. They are high solids, water-based, single component materials with very low VOC content. As applied, they are non-flammable. Once cured, they have an ASTM E84 Class 1 flame spread rating.
Enershield air and water-resistance barriers by BASF Wall Systems. • (800) 221-9255

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Decorative Glass
PIX laminated glass by Pulp Studio

PIX is a collection of over 30 patterns of laminated glass for indoor or outdoor applications. The glass offers the advantages of customized pattern flexibility without the cost or time of creating a design from scratch. Patterns and colors can be scaled up or down to create simple repeating patterns or complicated layouts in sizes up to 96 by 180 inches and from 5/16 to 4 inches thick.
PIX laminated glass by Pulp Studio. • (310) 815-4999

Decorative Molding
Decorative urethane millwork by Fypon

Fypon offers urethane decorative moldings and millwork ready to install out of the box. Urethane is a tough, weather-proof, high-performance material that is impervious to decay, insect infestation, and water damage for long-lasting quality and low maintenance. There is no need to prime, glue, or fabricate pieces on the job site, saving on labor. It can decrease costs up to 19% compared to using traditional woodwork. Fypon offers thousands of standardized pieces as well as intricate custom designs.
Decorative urethane millwork by Fypon. • (800) 446-3040

Fire Retardant Wood
Dricon Fire Retardant Treated wood by Arch Wood Protection

Dricon Fire Retardant Treated (FRT) wood is ideal where sprinkler systems cannot be readily installed, water supply is inadequate, or where economical construction is desired without compromising safety. It is a reliable alternative to construction materials classified as noncombustible. FRT wood can be used in dozens of applications: studs and framing, wall plates, roof systems, interior siding, millwork, electrical backer boards, stage floors, and HVAC air return plenum framing.
Dricon Fire Retardant Treated wood by Arch Wood Protection. • (678) 627-2000

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Green Cleaning
The Green Stuff Mini cleaner by Griffin Chemical

The "Mini" is a Green Seal-derived, degreasing cleaner concentrate that tackles commercial, institutional, human oil, and carbon-based derived soils. A dial adjusts to 6 different dilutions that address 25 applications, such as stainless steel, glass, walls, appliances, and bathroom scum. Each dilution mixes with on-board water inside the spray head. The Mini is environmentally friendly, user friendly, refillable, reusable, recyclable, and sustainable.
The Green Stuff Mini cleaner by Griffin Chemical. • (877) 792-8389

Irrigation Alternative

DRiWATER Plus is a plant irrigation alternative consisting of 98% purified water and 2% food grade ingredients. It is bound in the form of a gel-like solid that provides consistent subsurface irrigation to plants for up to three months. For every 1 quart of DRiWATER used, up to 130 quarts of water can be saved – conserving water and reducing labor costs for watering. It also increases survival rates for transplants and establishing native plant material. DRiWATER Plus is natural and completely non-toxic.
DRiWATER Plus by DRiWATER. • (800) 255-8458

LED Lighting
ProLED JC10 and JC20 lamps by Halco Lighting Technologies

The ProLED JC10 and JC20 lamps have an average rated life of 20,000 hours and can save up to 88% in energy costs compared to standard halogen lamps. These 1.5 and 2.4 watt lamps feature a chip configuration that ensures 360 degree lighting. Their low current surface mount diode chips ensure lumen maintenance and produce little heat. These warm white lamps operate on an 8-30 volt range and are available in G4 and BA15s base types.
ProLED JC10 and JC20 lamps by Halco Lighting Technologies. • (800) 677-3334

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Library Furniture
CrossRoads library furniture by KI

CrossRoads library furniture blends into any setting with an inviting transitional design and clean, understated details. It maximizes versatility with flexible configuration options for study, research, storage, and circulation. The line offers transactions desks, computer stations, work desks, cupboards, book return modules, carrels, shelving, and seating. KI's PowerUp modules or wire access grommets provide power/data for fixed computers or laptops.
CrossRoads library furniture by KI. • (800) 424-2432

Lighting Software
ControlScope by Daintree Networks

The ControlScope is a software-based solution that provides core wireless network communication and controls intelligence for large-scale wireless lighting control. All components of a lighting system – including fixtures, sensors, ballasts, LED drivers, and wall switches – communicate wirelessly with each other, reducing cost and complexity while increasing control capabilities. Active monitoring of energy usage allows facility managers to make better informed decisions, delivers savings verification to ESCOs, and provides key data for Demand Response programs.
ControlScope by Daintree Networks. • (650) 965-3454

Pest Management
Catchmaster Bedbug Detection System by AP&G

AP&G's Catchmaster line now offers a passive detection system designed specifically to monitor for bedbugs on a large scale as part of a proactive inspection/intervention strategy. The Bedbug Detection System (BDS) overcomes the problems of standard insect glue traps by using a patented adhesive dot matrix technology and physical design to capture specimens. When strategically placed throughout the target areas, BDS monitors act as both an interceptor trap by creating an adhesive barrier and as a passive monitor that provides early detection.
Catchmaster Bedbug Detection System by AP&G. • (800) 458-7454

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Fog-Free Mirrors by ThermaSol

With its collection of elegantly crafted fog-free mirrors, ThermaSol delivers the ultimate in convenience and practicality. Suitable for placement in the shower, by the vanity, or anywhere within the bathroom, ThermaSol's fog-free mirrors are guaranteed to never fog up – even in a completely non-ventilated bathroom. Constructed of 1/4-inch-thick tempered safety glass with a 1-inch bevel, the mirrors are available in four distinctive designs and are easy to install.
Fog-Free Mirrors by ThermaSol. • (800) 776-0711

HE925 BES Sealant by Henry Company

The Henry Company's HE925 BES Sealant is now available in 20-fluid ounce sausages, providing installers with greater economy and convenience. The BES Sealant is a moisture-cure, medium-modulus sealant for construction joints up to 1-inch wide that are subject to dynamic joint movement. Made with silyl-terminated polyether (STPe) polymer, it is flexible, resistant to weathering, free of solvents, and offers low odor and low VOC.
HE925 BES Sealant by Henry Company. • (800) 486-1278

Stellar curved plywood chairs by American Seating

American Seating can now provide Stellar curved plywood chairs as FSC Certified products with no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF). This model meets the LEED IEQ 4.4 for low emitting materials, composite woods, and agrifiber, as well as MR 7 credit for certified wood. Stellar also contains a high percentage of recycled material, which can contribute to the MR 4 recycled content point.
Stellar curved plywood chairs by American Seating. • (616) 732-6600

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Solar Panels
200 Series solar panels by Solyndra

The Solyndra 200 Series of solar panels installs up to 4 times faster than conventional solar systems and works on a reflective cool roof. Cylindrical modules that capture sunlight across a 360 degree surface allow the panels to be placed closer together than conventional tilted panels, which eliminates the need for tracking hardware. The lightweight panels don't require additional ballast or roof penetrations, and are ideal for retail, warehouse, and light industrial roofs not designed to support additional rooftop loads.
200 Series solar panels by Solyndra. • (877) 511-8436

Water Features
Architectural Water Features by H2O Walls

The H2O Architectural Water Features include water walls, rain curtains, waterfalls, infinity pool fountains, and indoor or outdoor fountains. An eco-conscious filtered system controls water usage while cleaning the air in indoor spaces. The H2O computer controls the speed, sound, water patterns, and energy-saving LED lighting to match any mood. All water features are custom built, making every product one-of-a-kind to fit every budget.
Architectural Water Features by H2O Walls. • (847) 956-0600

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