CPO DIN-Rail Mount Outlet Boxes by WAGO Corporation

10/18/2010 |


WAGO Corporation’s CPO Series DIN-rail Mount Outlet Boxes are perfect for common tools ranging from laptops to testing equipment. The CPO series utilizes a UL 498 Receptacle ideal for UL 508 panels.

Addressing requests for compact duplex supplies, the CPO Series has compact PVC housing measures, just 60mm x 109 mm with an ABS plastic cover.

The CPO Series employs a top-mount ground pin that prevents loose metal objects from shorting hot and neutral pins together. CPO Series has 26 variants, including Duplex, GFCI, Isolated Ground and Switch, and PCB-mount outlets.  Depending on the variant, ratings range from 120-250V and 15-20A.

For more information about the WAGO CPO DIN-Rail Mount Outlet Box, visit www.wago.us

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