DriTac 7700 Easy Clean MS Polymer Wood Flooring Adhesive by DriTac Flooring Products

10/25/2010 |

DriTac 7700

DriTac 7700 Easy Clean is the only MS Polymer Wood Flooring Adhesive to receive the CRI Green Label Plus Certification for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). It has zero isocyanates, which allows it to offer zero VOCs and zero solvents. DriTac 7700 Easy Clean helps contribute to LEED point qualification and is very low in odor. DriTac 7700 Easy Clean is very easy to spread and cleans up off the surface of hardwood flooring when wet or dry, making it a premium green adhesive that is extremely user-friendly. It forms a waterproof membrane when cured and maintains excellent ridging by providing end-users with a professional non-slumping formula. It is available in 1 and 4-gallon plastic pails.

To learn more, visit www.DriTac.com.

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