FM Cost Trends

11/01/2010 |

Reidential Recovery Begins to Impact Construction Materials

FM Cost Trends FM Cost Trends FM Cost Trends FM Cost Trends FM Cost Trends FM Cost Trends

Although commercial construction remains very weak, glimmers of recovery in the housing industry – despite the expiration last spring of the federal government’s first-time buyer program – are driving higher prices. Construction materials, which were flat last year, are now up 2 to 3%, with increases in both labor and materials, despite a fall from a summertime peak.

Adhesives and sealants leveled off last year after steady increases of 5 to 6% per year since 2005. Rising oil prices affect this component. With lumber on the rise again, wood siding has posted 5% gains since last year. After being down last year and reaching new lows in January, optic cable has seen a mild rebound of 3%. Over the last 5 years, optic cable has decreased in price by almost 10%. In the past granite prices seemed to be independent of demands or downturns, but weak prices show that this material is susceptible to a down market. After increasing at a steady 4% annual rate since 2005, vinyl floor covering was flat this year until the third quarter, during which prices increased 5%.

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