Xlamp XP LEDs by Cree, Inc.

12/21/2010 |

Xlamp XP LEDs by Cree, Inc.

Cree’s Xlamp LEDs are available in R3 bin, 122-130 lumens 350 mA, delivering up to 116 lumens per watt.  Warm-white (3,000 K) XP-E LEDs are also available in the Q3 bin, 94-100 lumens at 350 mA.

All Xlamp XP-E white LEDs have had the maximum forward current increased to 1 A for more flexibility and light-output options.

Xlamp XP-G LEDs feature a maximum forward current of 1.5 A, delivering 493 lumens at 92 lumens per watt.  XP-G LEDs are ideal performance options in areas where more light in less space is the priority.

For more information about Xlamp XP LEDs, visit www.cree.com/buyxlamp

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