Spray-Grip Spray Adhesive by Flexco

02/09/2011 |

Spray-Grip Spray Adhesive by Flexco

Spray-Grip spray adhesive by Flexco is a sef contained commercial grade spray adhesive system designed for use with rubber tile and rubber sheet products only.

Spray-Grip bonds with great speed while maintaining a long open time.  Install time is such that it allows immediate use of the floor after installation, and is 50% faster than troweling and can be heat welded on the same day.

Spray-Grip is water based, has no VOCS, little to no odor, uses 80% less adhesive, and allows for immediate foot traffic after rolling.

Spray-Grip covers approximately 170 square feet per can with a two year shelf life.

For more information on Spray-Grip, visit www.flexcofloors.com

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