Freedor by Fireco

03/30/2011 |

Freedor by Fireco

Freedor by Fireco is an ergonomic and legal solution for holding fire doors open safely, allowing for improved access.

Freedor is a wireless device installed at the top of the door, allowing it to swing freely and be left in any position, but closing the door when the fire alarm sounds.

Freedor features: Adjustable closing speed; operates up to power size 4 (80kg fire door); allows the door to be set at any angle up to 90 degrees and operate normally until activated; suitable for right and left hand swing doors; can be installed on the opening or closing side of the door. Night-time release facility; fail-to-safe technology, with a minimum battery life of 12-18 months. Adjustable sensitivity. Designed to comply with BS EN 1154, BS EN 1155, BS 7273-4 category C, CE marked.

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