CRFB Series Floor Box by Legrand/Wiremold

04/06/2011 |

CRFB Series Floor Box by Legrand/Wiremold

The CRFB series floor box by Legrand/Wiremold provide a high level of functionality and flexibility in raised and wood floor applications. 

The CRFB Series floor box fits into a standard raised floor air diffuser opening, providing easy access to recessed devices, and is approved for use in wood floors, elevated platforms, stages, and balconies.

The CRFB Series floor box features four separate compartments that can accommodate multiple combinations of power, communication, and audio/video services.

A tunnel feature allows two of the compartments to be used for a single service, while the other two are used for different services.

These boxes can be field configured or reconfigured to accommodate power only, communication only, audio/video only, or combinations in a single unit.

For more information on CRFB Series floor boxes, visit

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