LeakBarrier PS200 Ice and Water Armor by Tarco

05/09/2011 |

This glass fiber reinforced, modified bituminous underlayment is formulated for metal roofing in high temperature environments. It also performs well with shingles, slate, and mechanically attached tiles.

The upper side is made of a UV-resistant nonabrasive polyolefinic film with anti-skid properties. The polymer-modified asphalt adds pliability. The SBS-based membrane provides stability to 250 degrees F.

The membrane lays flat, slides under metal roofs without scratching, resists wrinkling, and self-seals around nails while providing watertight laps. PS200 is effective in valleys, ridges, coping joints, chimneys, vents, dormers, skylights, and low-slope sections.

For more information, visit www.tarcoroofing.com.

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