Prism for Tandus Flooring

05/12/2011 |

Jhane Barnes brings together digital geometrics to produce the dithered checks of Prism for Tandus Flooring.  The stylized basketweave design springs from Barnes’ proprietary, math-driven software that manipulates, dissects and reassembles imagery in dimensional layers.

Made of 100% Dynex nylon, Prism is available in 12 colors influenced by the classic, restful colors of men’s fashion.  Prism coordinates with Tandus Flooring modular patterns Tanka and Haiku, which have been re-colored in the same 12-color palette. 

Prism  is  available in modular and Powerbond, a hybrid resilient sheet flooring Backings include ER3 with 100% recycled content, ethos non-chlorinated polymer made from the film used in recycled safety glass and windshields, and Conserv made with fewer nonrenewable resources and weighing 25% less.

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