Scalewatcher Nano by Scalewatcher North America

05/23/2011 |

The Scalewatcher Nano is a compact unit especially for stand alone, water-fed equipment such as coffee machines, ice makers, wall boilers, and vending machines. These innovative water-conditioners offer a simple and permanent solution to hard water scaling without plumbing, salt, or chemicals – making them eco-friendly in limescale prevention and removal.

 Measuring just 4.9”x2.8”x1.5”, the Nano will stop the build-up of hard water limescale, dramatically reduce maintenance and service calls, reduce element replacement, and clean and eliminate line clogging from scale build-up. With the Scalewatcher Nano, drinks from coffee and vending machines will taste better, wall boilers will operate more efficiently, and it will no longer be necessary to manually descale the condensing coils of icemakers. 

 The simple to install, maintenance-free Scalewatcher can usually be installed in under half-an-hour, is easily retrofitted, and requires no plumbing. The payback in energy savings and maintenance and replacement charges is usually less than a year. 

 Scalewatcher works by producing a varying electronically applied force field, induced by a coil wrapped around the outside of the pipework, which keeps the minerals in suspension and prevents limescale forming. Pipes are kept virtually scale-free and existing scale is dissolved.

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