6 Steps for Going Green

06/01/2011 |

These six steps for greening the planet are in your hands.

Warm weather and sun bring green to the environment around us. Another type of greening is in your hands, though, rather than in Mother Nature's.

Making environmentally responsible choices is one way you can help the environment become more sustainable.

"Our lifestyle choices, methods of transportation, and everyday routines play an important role in the condition of the environment," says Joshua Radoff, member of the Tork Green Hygiene Council and founder of YRG Sustainability.

Radoff suggests the following steps to green your routine and support the effort to recycle, reuse, and conserve.

  • Reduce waste: Hopefully you're already recycling, but you can also be more proactive by buying fewer items that you can't recycle. Buy products that can be recycled and feature minimal packaging. If you have already implemented a successful recycling program, look into composting.

  • Support reusable: Plastic bottles can be recycled, but typically end up in landfills. Even when they are recycled, it takes a large amount of energy and water to convert them back into reusable products. Most areas have municipal water that is safe to drink, so encourage the use of reusable water bottles instead of bottled water.

  • Green grass: Give your lawn a makeover. Turfgrass is water- and fertilizer-hungry. Lawn irrigation is a major use of water in several regions and water scarcity is becoming a problem. Opt for region-specific plans that don't need as much irrigation to help use water more efficiently.

  • Transportation methods: Alternative transportation is good for people and the planet. Encourage walking, biking, ride-sharing, and taking public transportation.

  • Save energy: It takes a lot of energy to keep your electronics running, lights on, and appliances working. Be conscious of when your energy-sucking appliances are being used. There are many ways to go green and lessen your ecological imprint by limiting energy consumption. Encourage turning off lights and other electronics when they're not in use.

  • Find your footprint: Use a footprint calculator to learn about your impact and how your choices affect the planet.


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