Protecto Jiffy Seal Ice and Water Guard HT by Protecto Wrap

06/06/2011 |

Protects roofs from wind-blown rain and ice dams

Slip-resistant film backed with a layer of butyl adhesive produces an underlayment suitable for high altitude locations, extreme temperatures, and highly conductive roofs.

In addition to ensuring safety, the slip-resistant top layer also adds UV protection. The strong engineered reinforcement layer in the middle resists punctures and adds tensile strength and a second UV-resistant layer. The waterproof bottom layer adds additional bond strength and UV protection and is available with recycled butyl-hybrid adhesive or 100% recycled butyl adhesive.

Both adhesive layers can be applied at temperatures as low as 40 degrees F. Jiffy Seal is self-sealing and can be used under shakes, shingles, metal panels, and slate roofs.

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