Slimline Platinum Commercial Thermostat by Venstar

06/20/2011 |

Venstar’s new Slimline Platinum commercial thermostat (Model T2900) with light activation turns the thermostat on and off based on the level of light, helping facilities save energy and go green.

T2900 allows the user to disable the light activation functionality and use the thermostat as a fully functional, seven-day programmable thermostat with up to three occupied periods per day, which is a rare feature that allows for maximum flexibility.

Its pre-occupancy fan purge feature can be programmed to freshen the air before the room is occupied. When equipped with the optional ACC0430 Humidity Module, the T2900 commercial thermostat can be programmed for reheat operation to initiate dehumidification cooling cycles while running second stage auxiliary strip heat, allowing simple and effective humidity control.

The thermostat’s programmable output provides the contractor with ultimate flexibility by allowing control of auxiliary devices, such as a ventilation fan in a computer room where a secondary sensor may be placed in the room, and it can also be given a set point at which temperature the programmable output on the T2900 thermostat will energize the blower motor.

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