Save Money without Spending Money: Predictive Optimization for Existing Buildings

06/29/2011 |


At the BOMA 2011 International Conference and The Every Building Show, Chief Technology Officer of Clean Urban Energy Vincent Cushing held a session exploring predictive optimization for existing buildings.

Some key takeways from the presentation:

Commercial buildings consume 40% of the nation's electricity.  Green is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

Optimizing heating and cooling operations every day around real-time energy prices and environmental criteria promises significant cost reduction, better operational efficiency, improved elasticity into building energy demand, and reduced environmental impact.

Explore the opportunity for commercial buildings to achieve energy and energy expense savings by simply changing the way in which they operate their current HVAC systems and provide the foundation for participation in smart grid, renewable, and carbon reduction initiatives

Using thermal mass, inherent in large, commercial buildings, as energy storage, and how fine-tuned pre-cooling strategies allow buildings to take advantage of low electricity prices early in the morning.

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