Armstrong NATURAL CREATIONS by Armstrong Commercial Floors

06/28/2011 |

NATURAL CREATIONS products feature a durable, abrasion-resistant wear layer; the UV-cured polyurethane coating may eliminate the need for polishes and spray buffing in some applications, saving customers time and money.

NATURAL CREATIONS is FloorScore certified to California Section 01350 for low VOC emissions, complies with LEED credit EQ 4.3 for indoor air quality and credit EQ 4.1 for adhesives comply and is compatible with Green Guide for Health Care GGHC-IEC4.3 and Collaborative for High Performance Schools CHPS-EIQ2.2 and LABS-21 IEQ4.3.

Estimated price ranges from $4.75-$6.75 per sq. foot, uninstalled.  For more information, visit

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