Compilation on Exterior Building Wall Condensation

07/05/2011 |

Read the latest peer-reviewed papers on exterior building wall system condensation by picking up ASTM 1498.

A new ASTM International Compilation, STP 1498, Condensation in Exterior Building Wall Systems, includes 16 peer-reviewed papers that cover the latest research on condensation in exterior building wall systems.

STP 1498 focuses on new ideas and concepts, the consistent application of the principles of physics, and the use of appropriate analytical techniques.

Topics include:

  • Overview: Insulation Draws Water: proposes a framework for reviewing the link between moisture control prescriptive requirements and performance outcomes
  • Testing/Analysis: criteria for moisture control design analysis in buildings; laboratory tests of window-wall interface, moisture measurement, damage, and condensation potential; and more
  • Case Studies: controlling condensation, fenestration condensation resistance, thermal performance of windowpanes, and others

STP 1498, Condensation in Exterior Building Wall Systems, is available on the ASTM Web site ( or by contacting ASTM Customer Relations.


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