Xcel Energy On-site Energy Assessment: Because Knowledge is Power.

07/12/2011 |

A great place to start taking control of your business energy use is with an on-site energy assessment. As part of this on-site assessment, we send an energy expert to your facility to conduct a comprehensive audit of its energy use.

The audit report will provide you with the detailed cost and payback information you need before starting your efficiency upgrades.

Valued at more than $1,800, you pay just $200 for buildings less than 25,000 square feet, and $300 for buildings 25,000 to 150,000 square feet. If your building is larger than 150,000 square feet, please contact our Energy Efficiency Specialists for pricing details.

Our on-site energy assessment provides:

  • An assessment and written report, completed by an independent engineer that helps you prioritize energy conservation projects that fit your business plans and objectives

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  • A list of electric and natural gas energy conservation opportunities and projections for how quickly each improvement might pay for itself in energy savings; opportunities may include lighting, heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems, as well as motor and compressed air use
  • Information and estimated amounts of applicable Xcel Energy rebates
  • Estimated equipment inventories
  • An energy end-use profile that shows your greatest energy uses

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Determine how much energy you use in your facility by completing a free online assessment.

Submit an On-Site Energy Assessment application form.

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