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07/20/2011 |


On the Integrated & Well-Planned Campus discussion group, conversation is taking place regarding the rapid speed at which projects can be completed utilizing innovative design approaches combined with BIM (Building Information Modeling). SCUP members lend their expertise and experience to these integrated BIM methods:

Creative Director, Circle West Architects: Speed kills or in this case speed is unbelievable. Combining an innovative design approach with BIM (Building Information Modeling) we were able to successfully execute mulitple ASU projects.

Part of the approach was setting up the existing buildings in BIM to be renovated. Afterwhich we were able to provide our integrated design options and complete construction documents in 3 days. Yes, 3 days. Let us show you how an integrated approach will save you considerable time and money.

District Director, Facilities Planning and Development at Maricopa Community College District: Let me toss in this caution. Speed kills from the Owner's side in that our less knowledgeable users hear and read about all of the high profile projects delivered at lightning speed.

They then assume that every project should be delivered in the same time frame, not understanding that we try to save the miracle schedules for when it's really critical and important. Speed creates all kinds of risk from design through construction through user program and performance.

Just because we can doesn't mean that we should in all circumstances.

Architect: I can agree that the process is aided by a BIM model for renovation and enhances the integration process with ground up as well. It is changing our profession.

Speed always kills when it comes to something other than off the shelf design and certainly ground up. Be it for a lab building or tenant improvement. I see too many architects now over promising with BIM and since it is the new CAD de jour (we use it) no one wants to talk about its short comings.

It has been a tough two years with only a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel just now.

I really like the previous statement, "Just because we can, doesn't mean we should in all circumstances." I like to say, "Go slow to go fast. " It is still the mantra I live by and it has worked for me a long time.

Senior Project Manager, ka Architecture: Many crazy sounding schedules are possible with modern technology. Three days, certainly I believe this and have done it.

I actually did it years ago, before the PC but with Xerox machines and self-adhesive transparent paper to lift details from one job to use on another. We could turn out construction documents at an incredible rate using techniques that today sound odd yet would rival many of the computer assisted techniques today.

What do you think about utilizing BIM and the speed approach?


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