Radiant Artwork by Prestyl

07/25/2011 |

Radiant Artwork by Prestyl are panels of customizable thin-film artworks that provide heat to any room and are ideal for institutional and commercial applications, including offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals or anywhere where primary or supplemental heat is needed.

The Prestyl far-infrared technology does not heat the air; the energy is reflected by some surfaces and absorbed by others, thus creating balanced multidirectional warm experience. Far-infrared radiant heat distribution is also silent and will not cause convection or air movement. This innovative technology also prevents moisture buildup, which reduces and eliminates mold.

Prestyl's thin-film heaters are maintenance free and very efficient. Typical energy savings over traditional heating methods range from 15 to 50% depending on placement and building conditions. Prestyl's far-infrared products are also ecologically sound; the products are made with recycled materials and the product itself is 99% recyclable at the end of its long lifecycle.

Use the Prestyl heating panels to integrate your company’s branding or messaging throughout a space. The panels come in white or black or can be customized to any custom color or design with many standard prints and graphics to choose from.

The Prestyl panels can be wall or ceiling mounted, require no plumbing or air-ducts, and plug into a regular outlet. Installation is as easy as hanging a picture. This lightweight and versatile heater is fully portable, transferable to new locations, and fully operational in minutes.

To learn more, visit www.prestylusa.com.

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