Ultima with AirGuard Coating by Armstrong

07/25/2011 |

AirGuard by Armstrong is the first coating for ceiling tiles that actively removes formaldehyde and other aldehydes in indoor air.

Initially available on Armstrong’s Ultima ceiling panels, the breakthrough, patent-pending coating technology for improving indoor air quality converts naturally occurring and man-made formaldehyde present in interiors into an inert substance permanently captured by the ceiling.

Applied to the back of ceiling tiles, the AirGuard Coating actively removes aldehydes during the commissioning and early occupancy of a building. During normal occupancy, it removes over 90% of formaldehyde in the first year, which is when off-gassing from new materials presents the greatest risk to occupant health. Over a 10-year period, the average formaldehyde reduction is 50%. The AirGuard Coating also helps reduce exposure level and time during "spike" periods, which occur when formaldehyde concentrations increase dramatically due to human activity and indoor air reactions with consumer products such as cleaning agents and office equipment.

Independent tests validate the performance of AirGuard Coating. It is a UL-Environment Certified Product and listed in the UL Database of Validated and Certified Products.

Tests also show that the performance characteristics of Ultima ceilings with AirGuard are unaffected by the coating, including the ceiling's acoustic properties, light reflectance, durability, recyclability, and resistance to sag, mold/mildew, and bacterial growth.

To learn more, visit www.armstrong.com/airguard.

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