The World's First Recycling Robot

07/27/2011 |


Robots have yet to take over the world, but they may be taking over the recycling business.

Florida Robotics has completed construction on a new green, solar powered, recycling robot named Dr. R.E. (Robotic Environmentalist) Cycler.

Dr. Cycler can crush 12 oz aluminum cans in his chest to less than an inch in size.  People can deposit their cans directly into the robots mouth and watch as the clear-bellied robot crushes the can in 30 seconds.

The robot which has multicolored LED lighted eyes with independent movement, can hand out promotional flyers, and  has a solar panel with adjustable elevation.

Dr. Cycler also has mouth movement with voice that emits a “minty” breath after eating a can; and an upper body that can be wrapped to resemble any beverage can or corporate logo.

Florida Robotics is offering this recycling robot to companies to promote their green initiatives in their communities. A limited number of units will be built per year for sale worldwide and daily rentals will be available domestically.

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