Type ACDSH Acoustical Fire Vent by Bilco Company

08/01/2011 |

Opens automatically during a fire to remove smoke, heat, and gases

Carrying an STC rating of 46, the Type ACDSH fire vent is suitable for concert halls, theaters, auditoriums, casinos, and other large buildings where acoustic integrity is a top concern.

The double-leaf vent guards against noise intrusion, and the product is designed to prevent accidental opening from wind or building vibrations. The vent opens automatically during a fire thanks to a UL-listed fusible link that melts when the temperature reaches 165 degrees F.

Covers can open against a 10 PSF snow/wind load. The vent also features fully gasketed weathertight construction, insulated covers and curbs, and interior and exterior pull handles.

For more information, visit www.bilco.com.

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