TCS II Metal Roofing Panels by Follansbee

08/01/2011 |

Architectural steel panels resist corrosion, uplift blistering, and loss of adhesion

The zinc-tin alloy coating on TCS II architectural stainless steel panels reacts to oxygen in the atmosphere to form an attractive gray surface patina that requires no painting.

At the same time, the panels provide enhanced corrosion resistance, formability, solderability, and durability even in coastal climates. In a salt spray cabinet test performed per the requirements of ASTM B 117, unpainted TCS panels showed no signs of failure after 30,250 hours. On most products, testing is normally stopped after 2,000 hours.

Panels can be tailored to several design forms, including traditional standing seam roofs, vertical walls, barrel applications, shingles, and customized sections in flat or spherical shapes.

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