Organizations Roll Out New Standards

08/02/2011 |

ASHRAE’s new standard targets potential sources of outbreaks of Legionella, which leads to Legionnaire’s disease.

Three new building standards will target energy efficiency, building measurement, and public health.

  1. ANSI’s contribution, ISO 50001, specifies requirements to establish, implement, maintain, and improve an energy management system with a focus on performance and continual improvement. Based on elements common to all of ISO’s management system standards, 50001 is compatible with ISO 9001 (quality management) and 14001 (environmental management). The requirements could influence up to 60% of the world’s energy use, according to ANSI.
  2. BOMA has introduced a measurement standard for mixed-use properties to stand alongside its guidelines tailored to office, industrial, multi-unit residential, and retail properties. The mixed-use standard will allow users to:
    • Classify floor areas into use components, parking, and common areas
    • Measure the exterior gross areas of use components for office, industrial, and other applications, and apply BOMA’s other standards for rentable, gross leasable, or unit areas to them
    • Measure the exterior gross areas of use components BOMA does not publish standards for, such as hotels, theaters, civic buildings, and parking areas
    • Measure the exterior gross areas of common areas and fairly allocate them among all use components and parking areas
  3. Legionella, a bacterium that can lead to a serious form of pneumonia known as Legionnaire’s disease, is the subject of a proposed ASHRAE standard focusing on prevention and hazard control. This new standard helps building owners and facility managers understand how to effectively use the ample information on Legionella to prevent outbreaks. FMs and owners will be required to formally take responsibility for controlling Legionella in both potable and utility water.


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