Green Facades Blossom

08/02/2011 |

Transform your building by applying a green facade or roof and reap numerous energy and environmental benefits. Continuing research by Delft University of Technology has found that “planting on roofs and facades is one of the most innovative and fastest developing fields of green technologies with respect to the built environment and horticulture.”

The latest benefit to emerge from green facades and roofs is thermal transmittance. Layers of greenery increase insulation properties by reducing wind velocity on a building’s envelope. This enhances energy efficiency as HVAC systems won’t have to work as hard.

Vertical vegetation also reduces air pollution, notably fine dust particles and carbon dioxide. By using data gathered from an electron microscope, researchers have confirmed that plants absorb fine dust, which is detrimental to respiratory health when inhaled.

Other benefits include stormwater management, thermal comfort, increased lifecycle performance, biodiversity, heat island reduction, and positive visual value.


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