Boiler Valve Controllers by AERCO

08/11/2011 |

AERCO International has introduced two AERCO Boiler Valve Controllers that can help reduce energy consumption and operating costs of variable-flow heating systems.

Designed for use with the AERCO Benchmark and KC1000 boilers, the boiler valve controllers automatically sequence each motor operated valve (MOV), so that minimum system flow requirements are reduced to that of a single boiler.

The AERCO Boiler Valve Controllers complement the high-efficiency design of the Benchmark and KC1000 boilers.

Featuring best-in-class turndown of as much as 20:1, which helps deliver operating efficiency of up to 99%, the Benchmark family maximizes seasonal fuel savings in systems operating up to 3 million BTU/hr. The KC1000 boiler offers similar performance in systems that require up to 1 million BTU/hr.

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