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10/01/2011 | By Chris Olson

Tap into a Wealth of Web Resources at BUILDINGS

Several times in recent weeks I have heard or read news reports stating that information on the internet is growing at stupendous rates — for example, that it is doubling every year. A fascinating stat, perhaps, but each time I have heard that report, I am left wondering how that information is measured, and even what is meant by “information.”

Neither question has been addressed in the reports, but with a little research—on the web, of course — I’ve learned that such measurements can include counting the number of emails sent, the number of photos hosted on Flickr, the number of Facebook users logging in daily, the number of domain names, and even the volume of spam. How much of this information is useful knowledge?

Here at BUILDINGS we are adding to the information on the internet, but we strive to provide knowledge that will help you to make smarter decisions, not mere information. Two new additions include the Smart Energy Expo 2011 and a new resource of building products information.

The Smart Energy Expo takes place on Nov. 8. It is both a virtual event and an ongoing resource with expense-slashing energy solutions. The Expo includes a virtual exhibit floor with live experts, live video presentations, a slate of webinars, downloadable whitepapers and case studies, real-time Q&As, and a networking lounge. The webinar topics include smart metering, demand response, energy-efficient elevators and escalators, and cost-effective solar investment. All of the Expo’s resources are free. To register, go to www.BUILDINGS.com and click on the BUILDINGSVIP and Webinars tab.

And while you are at the website, also click on the BUILDING PRODUCTS tab to use our new products resource. The two key advantages of this new resource: it is easily navigated and easily searched for every type of building product and FM tool. It will increase your product knowledge at a rapid rate.


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