400A Machine Room Less Elevator System by Schindler

10/10/2011 |

Schindler’s 400A machine room less traction elevator system can be combined with the company’s Schindler ID destination-dispatch technology as an option. 

With this technology, the system can further improve traffic handling by up to 30%, meaning less elevator usage and fewer power requirements.  When coupled with available power factor 1 drives that actually return power to the building, the Schindler 400A can reduce energy usage even further.  The Schindler 400A system has also been expanded for use in taller buildings up to 230 feet in rise.

The Schindler 400A’s compact machine can be installed within a simple hoistway and mounted directly to the elevator rails, requiring less building construction interface, easier site preparation and less lead time. A small, easy-access controller cabinet does it all, without intruding on rentable building space.

For more information, visit www.us.schindler.com

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