Attention and Data Drive Increase in Sustainability Reporting

12/01/2011 |

Energy and environmental reporting are becoming increasingly tied to financial performance. New trends reward performance disclosure.

The development of international guidelines on sustainability reporting is a key trend in corporate reporting worldwide, according to Jones Lang LaSalle’s quarterly report, Global Sustainability Perspective.

Environmental and financial performance are becoming more closely linked, according to Dan Probst, Jones Lang LaSalle’s chairman of energy and sustainability services.

“The combination of better data and increased investor attention is driving several key trends in sustainability and responsibility reporting,” Probst explains.

Other trends identified in the report include:

  • More emphasis on reporting for the real estate sector: Global Reporting Initiative recommends that firms track energy and water use; carbon emissions; building and materials certification; remediation of contaminated land; health and safety issues; and subcontractor labor supply chain issues.
  • Online apps: Easier information sharing and user-centric design facilitates communication with stakeholders on sustainability strategies.
  • Greater transparency: Emphasizing transparency enhances trustworthiness and credibility in spite of growing public distrust of governments and businesses.
  • More integrated reports: More companies across the world require reports that show the relationship between financial, social, and environmental performance.

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