IFMA Launches Benchmarking Tool

12/30/2011 |

Benchmarking Exchange (BEX), a new online benchmarking system created by IFMA, will analyze the association’s surveys to generate customized reports based on each user’s needs.

The tool preserves departmental resources, determines which costs to investigate first, and locates hidden opportunities to demonstrate the facility department’s value, according to IFMA. The online system’s features include:

  • Filter data by industry, facility type, region, and other factors
  • Enter building data in standard or metric systems and in any currency
  • Submit data for multiple buildings
  • Update and change data as needed
  • Calculate data in common metrics, such as space per person
  • Access real-time benchmarking results
  • Earn maintenance points toward the Certified Facility Manager credential for submitting data

The initial survey will cover fundamentals, such as annual facility costs. Future additions will focus on general operations and maintenance issues, healthcare O&M, and space and project management. The tool is available at


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