Mapping Tool Tracks Extreme Weather Events

01/31/2012 |

Anew map illustrating extreme record-breaking weather events across the U.S. may help building owners and other decision-makers develop better climate and weather preparedness plans.

A project of the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the map aggregates reports on extreme weather – including the 2,941 monthly weather records broken last year in American communities – to illustrate the connections between weather patterns and climate change. The survey behind the map discovered at least 1,302 heat-related records, 1,090 rainfall records, and 549 snowfall records causing an estimated $53 billion in damage.

Localized climate health preparedness plans reduce the risks of record-breaking damage and health costs for vulnerable areas, according to the NRDC. A recent study in the journal Health Affairs tallied $14 billion in healthcare costs as a result of just six climate-related events in recent years, underscoring the need for buildings to prepare for future severe weather.

For information on developing a weather preparedness plan, click here.


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