Chain Hotels Prioritize Green

02/24/2012 |

Chain hotels are reaping the benefits of sustainable operating practices. A study published in the International Journal of Hospitality Management found that chains are more likely than independent hotels to use energy-efficient light bulbs, water-saving fixtures, and green cleaning products.

“Chains have the resources necessary to undertake well-informed environmental protection activities and to execute them efficiently,” the study posits. “For example, hotel chains can transfer successful practices established in individual units to other units, leveraging an information advantage not available to self-reliant independent hotels.”

Under the wing of a corporate structure, chain hotels are often accountable for meeting environmental policies and implementing company-wide directives. An individual hotelier won’t face the same promptings to improve efficiency because “the extent to which a property is sensitive to environmental concerns depends on the operator’s knowledge, attitude, and willingness to act.”

By being slow to adopt sustainable practices or failing to advertise their efforts, the study concluded that some independent hotels may be losing their competitive advantage in drawing customers.

For more information on greening hotels, read Energize Your Hotel’s Efficiency.


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