Facility Management Cost Trends: County Jails

03/20/2012 |

Comparative Building Costs: County Jails

County Jail #1
The new jail was constructed primarily of precast concrete that ties in contextually with the 1930s-era courthouse located just east. The concrete cell modules allowed for an accelerated construction schedule and subsequent savings to the owner.

The jail consists of a centralized control station outside the secure perimeter of the building that doubles as an access point for visitors. It also features a satellite control station composed of a raised platform and 6-foot tall curvilinear solid surface face that is designed for direct supervision of inmate housing areas and to discourage inmate incursion while remaining open to circulation corridors. The facility also includes a negative air pressure medical unit with office space and secure storage.

County Jail #2
The jail was constructed on a hill that was not served by a road or utilities, so the resulting design had to maintain as much cover as possible while creating a level site. An access road was constructed, which required a balanced cut-and-fill grading design.

The new jail has 144 beds and also includes a 24-bed work release area as well as a 16-bed juvenile detention area that is divided into four pods for maximum flexibility. Also featured are a medical holding, a hybrid satellite control, and a drive-through sally port.

Architects considered future needs in the design. Not only can the facility be expanded to 288 beds to allow for growth, but it also has a full kitchen and laundry space that is “shelled in” to hedge against future contingencies.


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